Offre d’emploi ONG UNHCR : Snr Livelihoods Officer

  • Type de contrat: CDD


Offre d’emploi ONG UNHCR : Snr Livelihoods Officer
Job Title Snr Livelihoods Officer
Job ID 13896
Location Bertoua, Cameroon
Salary Grade P4
Hardship Level C
Family Location Type Family
Duties and Qualifications
Senior Livelihoods Officer
The incumbent is expected to harmonize livelihoods interventions with UNHCR Global Livelihood Strategy and ensure compliance of the operation with the minimum criteria for livelihoods programming. The Livelihoods Officer will have a key role in the implementation and consolidation of the joint Government of Cameroon / UNHCR Livelihoods Strategy. S/he will be an important member of UNHCR office responsible for providing advices and contribution to program/project design and management of livelihoods service in the country, analyzing the progress in this domain and enhancement of teamwork and capacity building. S/he will be also responsible to ensure fully implementation of livelihoods programs and exploring new livelihoods opportunities. S/he should be proactive, always looking for new opportunities, convincing in donor mobilization and able to take initiatives. Additionally, s/he ensures that all livelihoods programmes are in line with the UNHCR Global Strategy for Livelihoods (2014-2018) as well as the Global Minimum Criteria for Livelihoods Programming. The incumbent will play a lead role in formulating appropriate project proposals and assistance activities that should be incorporated into the relevant country programs of UNHCR.
– Self-reliance of refugees is improved through livelihoods programming.
– Livelihoods Strategy is implemented and livelihoods sector is coordinated.
– Synergy between cash and self-reliance is ensured.
– A viable monitoring and evaluation system is established and implemented for data collection, analysis and interpretation to serve as evidence base for planning and interventions.
– Age, Gender and Diversity (AGD) perspective is systematically applied, integrated and documented in all activities.
– Coordinate, and provide technical guidance and support to partners on Livellihoods Promotion related issues in accordance with UNHCR Global and Country level policies, priorities, and strategies.
– Coordinate the livelihoods working group involving UNHCR implementing partners, donors, private sector, other experts and operational partners.
– Monitor the implementation of the livelihoods strategy for refugee communities in Cameroun and make sure that the strategy is updated regularly.
– Develop annual and multi-year plans of action in support of refugee livelihoods.
– Provide technical assistance to the development of UNHCR’s and IP’s livelihoods projects within the framework of an approved strategy.
– Review and provide technical guidance to the project proposals submitted by Implementing Partners (IPs), and guide and monitor livelihoods activities/programmes for refugees in line with UNHCR policies, mainstreaming gender, age and diversity.
– Identify opportunities and solutions to challenges identified in assessment reports for access to legal employment, vocational training and financial services, and advice on means to develop the local livelihoods resources and infrastructure.
– Proactively seek new opportunities for effective partnership building and resource mobilization amongst donors.
– Maintain updated information on issues and policy changes that may affect livelihoods opportunities for refugees, and on-going measures by the Government and other institutions that can affect or contribute to the achievement of strategic goals for refugee livelihoods.
– Work with relevant UNHCR staff to identify livelihoods priorities and key data requirements for program planning and monitoring.
– Review performance, monitor development and evaluate approaches adopted by partners in livelihoods and related sectors and formulate appropriate designs and corrective measures as deemed necessary.
– Ensure regular and up-to-date assessments of needs related to livelihoods services; formulate project submissions to respond to these needs in collaboration with appropriate partners, and the relevant UNHCR sectors at all levels.
– Conduct field visits to monitor programmes, as well as conduct periodic programme reviews as scheduled; ensure that data is consistent with the programme information and database.
– Provide guidance, strategic direction, and recommendations on livelihoods programs in the country.
– Provide technical support and coordination related to livelihoods.
– Perform other duties as required.
– Undertake pre-selection of livelihoods implementing partners and submission to relevant committee for final decision.
– Take technical decision related to livelihoods programmes including number of beneficiaries, implementation tools and approaches.
– Develop monitoring and evaluation plans for basic needs and livelihoods activities in coordination with programme unit.
– Advanced university degree in Business Management, Socio-Economics Development or related field.
– Minimum of 10 years (12 years with university degree) of previous job experience relevant to the function.
– Past work experience with refugees, including within livelihoods programming.
– Excellent drafting and conceptualization skills.
– Knowledge of local/regional customs and political and economic situations.
– Proven technical expertise in the area of livelihoods assessment including surveys, programme implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and coordination.
– Exposure to UNHCR mandate, its priorities and principles.
– Knowledge of and experience with partner agencies with a capacity to provide formal and informal training.
– Proficiency in basic computer software such as MS Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word.
– Project Management experience.
– Excellent partnership management abilities, including with private sector companies.
– Experience with social entrepreneurship and sustainable business model development in refugee contexts.
– Excellent knowledge of French and working knowledge of English.
– Knowledge on the latest development in the livelihoods sector.
– Knowledge of the inputs and outputs required for working in this particular sector and activity of the program.
– Records of some field achievements, within or outside UNHCR service, in this particular field of function.
– Any specific training in the area of the position function.
– Experience with UNHCR standards and indicators.
– Experience working with development actors.
– Experience in poverty reduction programmes using the graduation approach.
– Experience in advocating for protection and durables solutions.
– Excellent networking skills with private and public sector institutions as well as existing local network in Cameroun.
– Experience in working in fairly big operations with a variety of programs and projects directly targeting interest of refugees and persons of concern, containing similar context and notions of assistance.
Position Competencies
C004L3 – Commitment to Continuous Learning Level 3
C003L3 – Communication Level 3
C002L3 – Teamwork & Collaboration Level 3
C001L3 – Accountability Level 3
C005L3 – Client & Result Orientation Level 3
C006L3 – Organizational Awareness Level 3
M004L3 – Strategic Planning and Vision Level 3
M003L3 – Judgement and Decision Making Level 3
M002L3 – Managing Performance Level 3
M001L3 – Empowering and Building Trust Level 3
M005L3 – Leadership Level 3
M006L3 – Managing Resources Level 3
X001L3 – Analytical Thinking Level 3
X002L3 – Innovation and Creativity Level 3
X003L3 – Technological Awareness Level 3
X004L3 – Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Level 3
X009L3 – Change Capability and Adaptability Level 3
X006L3 – Policy Development & Research Level 3
X007L3 – Political Awareness Level 3
X008L3 – Stakeholder Management Level 3
X005L3 – Planning and Organizing Level 3
Closing Date
Please note that the closing date for all vacancies in the Addendum 2 to the March 2017 Compendium is Wednesday 31 May 2017 (midnight Geneva time).
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