Competitive entrance examination for admission of 105 students into Level I of training professional program in Biomedical Sciences at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Dschang; 2016/2017 academic year

  • Institution: Université de Dschang- MINESUP


Article 1 : A competitive entrance examination for admission of 105 students into Level I of training professional program in Biomedical Sciences at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Dschang; for the 2016/2017 academic year.
Date: 26 august 2016
Centres: Dschang and Yaounde
Article 2 : 1) The entrance examination is open to Cameroonians of both sexes who are holders of the Baccalaureat (series C or D), the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level in at least three science subjects, and the GCE « 0 » Level, or any other equivalent certificate recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education.
Citizens of member countries of the Central African Economic and Monetary Union (CEMAC) which have ratified texts on national treatment of students and who are holders of equivalent qualifications are eligible to write the entrance examination under the same conditions as their Cameroonian counterparts.
2) Candidates from other countries including CEMAC member countries who do not write the entrance examination but hold a scholarship from their Government or International
Organization may apply for direct admission, which is contingent upon the number of available places and payment of tuition fees according to their status.
Article 3: Candidates should apply on-line and forward to the Students’ Records Service of Faculty of Sciences or to any of the University of Dschang Antennae (Yaounde, Maroua, Ebolowa, Bambui and Belabo), not later than 22 august 2016, a complete application file comprising the following documents:
1- An application form downloaded from the University of Dschang website www.univ- or from platform ;
2- The receipt of payment, on presentation of a clearance ticket/quietus obtained on-
line, of the sum of 20,000 CFA francs as application fee, intended to the University of Dschang BICEC Dschang bank account W961864380002-66, through the authorized financial institution chosen during the on-line application procedure;
3- A certified true photocopy of the GCE « A » Level certificate, « Baccalaureat » (scientific
series) or an equivalent certificate; or a certified copy of results slip;
4- Certified true photocopies of « Baccalaureat » and « Probatoire » transcripts or a certified photocopy of GCE results;
5- A certified true photocopy of birth certificate (issued not more than 3 months earlier);
6- A medical certificate signed by a Government Medical Practitioner;
7- 4 passport size photographs (4×4) ;
8- A large (A4 size) self-addressed stamped envelope (postage determined with the contents of file).
Article 4 : The application fees are non _ refundable.
Article 5 : Only candidates who submit complete application files shall be authorised to write the entrance examination.
Article 6: The competition includes:
– A test of academic record (coefficient 2 or 30% of the final Mark)
– Written tests (coefficient 4 or 70% of the final Mark)
(1) The study of academic record (coefficient 2) is based on:
– « Baccalaureat » and « Probatoire » transcripts (francophone candidates),
– General Certificate of Education « 0 » level and « A » level results,
– The number of times the candidate repeated. (2) The written tests include the following:
– A test of the Biology multiple-choice questions for two hour (coefficient 2)
– A test of the Chemistry multiple-choice questions for two hour (Coefficient 1),
– A test of Physics the multiple-choice questions for two hour (coefficient 1).
Article 7: Each test of the written exam is rated from zero to one hundred. Any mark less than twenty obtained at anyone of the written tests is eliminatory.
Article 8: The examination syllabuses are those used in classes preparing for the « Baccalaureat D » or GCE ‘A’ level in the subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
Article 9: The deliberations will take place within a jury appointed by the Minister of Higher
Education on the proposal of the Rector of the University of Dschang.
(1) at the end of the interview, the jury makes a list of proposed candidates for admission to the contest by alphabetic order or in order of merit, taking into account the marks obtained in the three tests,
(2) the final results are published by Notice of the Minister of Higher Education.
Article 10: In any event, there can be no postponement of eligibility or admission by one year to another.
Article 11: The expenditure incurred by the organization of the examination are due to the budget of the University of Dschang, fiscal year 2016.
Article 12: As is the case with all the other professionalizing and professional programs, school fees for the Professional program in Biomedical Sciences of the University of Dschang will be decided by the University Board of governors.
Article 12: The Rector of the University of Dschang, Director for University Accreditations and Quality, and the Dean of The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Dschang are, each in his capacity, responsible for the implementation of this decision which shall be registered and published in English and French wherever need be.

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